"Night and day
...hold each other's hands upon the hilltops"

Lambert de Boilieu,
"Recollections of a Labrador Life"

Welcome to the main Lodge

Luxurious and personal, the accomodation, cuisine, and service we offer you at Rifflin Hitch is equal to anywhere else in the world.

At over 7000 square feet, the main lodge is hewn from native spruce, pine and juniper, and, through an enormous bank of windows beside the towering river-rock fireplace, offers a magnificent view of the cold waters of the Eagle River a stone’s-throw away. Immersed in the beauty and utter solitude of the wild, the soft music of the river operates as a constant and lulling soundtrack to life here in the North.

Seven rustic yet elegant bedrooms—the beds adorned with hand-made quilts and goose-down comforters—are modestly decorated with the whimsical and heart-felt paintings of Maude Lewis and Joe Norris—the most famous and beloved Folk Artists in Canada. Each private bathroom—constructed of exposed pine, marble, and Labradorite—is equipped with hot water, freshly laundered linens, every modern convenience to rival that of a luxury hotel.

Outside the lodge, there are boardwalks and kayaks. Feel free to wander around or paddle downstream and just relax in the silence of the wilderness. We are happy arrange fly-outs to show you the wonder of Labrador.

Business Amenities

If you really must mix business with pleasure, or if you are looking for a wilderness corporate retreat, or a remote place to have that strategic planning meeting we have everything you need:

Fixed Line Phones

PC Workstation

Wifi Access

Outside the lodge, there are boardwalks for walking and kayaks for those who wish to paddle downstream and just relax in the silence of the wilderness. We arrange fly-outs to see the wonder of Labrador – see icebergs, whales, fish, and beauty. You can also visit the National Memorial to the Labrador Fishery at Battle Harbour, or simply to fly over this wonderful big land.